Licensed Social Worker - Rockport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Social Worker will be responsible to work with the residents in overseeing and assisting in the admission process, identification of needs and problems, make referrals to community resources, and work with the other members of the IDT as necessary. The Social Worker is the designated person to act as a liaison with social, health, and community agencies. The Social Services Director is responsible for the referral of residents to these agencies and the proper documentation in the resident s records concerning the results of such referrals, and for documenting the social and emotional needs of the residents
Develop a one-to-one relationship with residents and family as needed for counseling and identifying needs.
Assist family and resident during the admission process.
Work with family and resident on social interaction, reality orientation, and intellectual stimulation.
Work with family, community resources, and appropriate facility staff as needed to solve financial needs and promote emotional security.
Complete acute care plans as needed.
Complete smoking and elopement assessments as needed.
Assist Administrator with resident/family/responsible party concern management.
Attend committee meetings as required.
Complete monthly QA reports.
Attend weekly Medicare meeting.
Assess and refer residents for psychological services.
Assist with room changes by contacting families/resident and completing necessary forms.
Refer residents for vision, dental, and hearing services.
Complete the initial psychosocial assessment and social history upon admission.
Discuss advance care planning with families/resident upon admission and as per state regulations and complete necessary documents.
Work weekend manager as scheduled.
Attend the morning meeting, administrative and nurse manager s meetings.
Perform suicidal/homicidal assessments and required to follow up.
Assist in investigations as requested by Administrator.
Must be a licensed Social Worker in the state of Texas (LSW or LMSW)
At least one year of experience working in a skilled nursing facility or long-term care industry is preferred

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